Sunday, November 10, 2013

Embroidery - Clasp Wallet

Oh hi again! I am supposed to be doing something else but I have found a way to get distracted, thanks blogger.

Look what I just made, my first attempt at hand embroidery and my first attempt at making a frame purse.  It looks a little bit clumsy but I'm hoping that adds to the overall handmade affect ha.

I got a sugar skull pattern from Urban Threads and just used a backstitch for the design then french knots to make the polka dots, as it looked a little bit, uh, morbid as a gift for my friend's birthday so I thought the polka dots would lighten the tone a bit!! It took ages to get the actual shape of the wallet right, and it still needs a bit of work but I'm pretty happy for a first attempt!

I just cut 2 pieces of fabric for the outer and 2 for the lining, interfaced the outer fabric pieces, sewed up the bottom and sides of the lining and outer separately, put the lining inside the outer then sewed up the tops, leaving a gap to turn right side out and superglued it into the frame, the frame now needs a bit of a polish from grubby glue fingers.

Embroidery is a slow process! But I'm happy with my labour of love, and hope the birthday girl will be too.

Back to chores, do not want :( x

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  1. Hi Lonnie, hope you haven't given up on blogging altogether. Would love to see what you've been up to on the sewing/crafting front.