Monday, July 8, 2013

Another 2 tops!

Because I'm a greedy girl and can't stop selfishly making new things for myself after promising friends and my fiancee to make them nice things.  I'm such a jerk.  While on that subject, has anybody made a men's shirt? Any good pattern recommendations? The Negroni seems to be hot contender... Anyway, there's a reason for filling out my wardrobe - I'm going on a HOLIDAY next month to USA and Canada.  Yeah boii. I've never been over there, I've done a lot of Europe and Asia but never the States so it'll be a blast.  There's a bunch of us going too to make it twice as fun, we're flying into Vancouver, then heading to New York, flying down to LA and then driving up through Big Sur, San Fran, Oregon etc and dropping the car back into Seattle and finishing up back in Canada where my bestie left me earlier this year to move to.  She can run but she can't hide..

So does anybody have any good recommendations around these areas if you've been?  What about the garment district in New York? A lot of bloggers seem to go to Mood but I think it's a bit more expensive than what I like to pay... I'm a bit of a scab when it comes to fabric, sewing is supposed to be a thrifty hobby!

Anyway, this is the top I mentioned in my previous post, I used New Look 6808 as the sloper and then drafted a collar and used the short sleeves from the Peony pattern I recently purchased.  Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! I'd definitely like to do a drafting course, I see Burda had a webinar for drafting your own bodice and skirt that you can pay to download...

I could have ironed it but I was very hungover in these photos had to make the most of the sunshine with the camera before I closed all the blinds in the house and hid from the lovely winter sun for the rest of the day.

I omitted the facings and just used bias binding, my partner's grandmother gave me a beautiful old sewing box full of beautiful things, including stacks and stacks of bias binding of every colour and size!

This is the second top I made, another mash up of patterns.  Once again New Look 6808 as the bodice just because I know it's a perfect fit, then I used the collar from New Look 6000 because I LOVE THAT COLLAR.  Very much.  I used the sleeves from New Look 6808 but I don't think I like them very much and won't use them again, too much excess fabric that I have to fudge around with. 

I came up with the idea of this top when I saw this beautiful button, I thought how cool that would look on a gingham top with some ric rac, but when I went to stitch it on at the end it was too small and looked silly.  Sadface.

So I just sewed a daisy button onto some black felt until I find a bigger button to replace it, but I think it looks a little bit emo or something with the black ric rac and the button definitely needs a bit of colour in it.

Ric rac sleeves peeping out, so cute, yet so hard to stitch on without falling off. 

The end. x


  1. Those tops look lovely. I'm currently making a men's shirt. Vogue something... I'll hopefully post about it soon. Happy travels!

  2. Thanks Rosi, looking forward to seeing your mens shirt x

  3. Wow! - I am about to make new look 6808 (view E) in this same gingham (got it from Toombul Lincraft). Love your version :o)

  4. Ha I got mine from Lincraft in the city! Lovely cheap gingham always stays in style!

  5. OMG that mashup is AMAZING! I love the ricrac finish- it's s pop of fun and awesome :D

  6. Thanks Amanda, I'm still in awe of your Elisalex, so cool! X

  7. Love both! Especially the gingham one