Monday, March 18, 2013

Simplicity 1609!!!!

I have been on the lookout for the perfect A-Line dress pattern that I could spruce up with different collars, bows etc, and Simplicity have gone ahead and released the exact pattern with bow AND amazing scalloped collar options included!

I am SO excited I can hardly contain myself, so I thought the best place to get excited was on my sewing blog, of course! I think you're going to see a lot of this pattern made up very soon on this here blog! Starting with the mad men challenge...

In other sewing news, I'm working on a black sateen cotton high waisted gathered skirt with thick waistband, basing the skirt on Gertie's dirndle skirt tutorial here, should be finished sometime this week. Turns out creating perfect gathers can cause quite the headache, but I'm nearly there. I'm currently all about skirts at the moment, totally boring to make but my wardrobe is in dire need of skirts, both for play and work, so another gathered skirt in brown and another Colette Ginger in denim are on the cards.

I'll update with my new skirt later in the week, cotton sateen is totally my new favourite fabric.


  1. That is waaaay too cute!
    You should organise a sew-along thingy for this pattern. I'd join in!

  2. That sounds like work and I don't think I have enough followers ha, but lets just both sew it up anyway?! I loved your pastille too, what's your secret for sewing dresses with quilting cotton that doesn't crush?! I just found this store in brisbane called voodoo rabbit and they have the best quilting fabrics..

    1. I can't say that I've ever had any trouble with quilting cotton crushing, and I've sewn a lot of garments with it! I've worn my Pastille twice now and haven't washed or ironed it and it still looks fine.

      Whereabouts is Voodoo Rabbit? What are the prices like?

  3. well I'd love to make this dress too, shall we really have a sewalong? just discovered your blog x

  4. Hi, I love this pattern as well, but can't find it anywhere. Could you tell me where you bought it??

  5. Hey Megan I don't have it yet either! I just saw it on the Simplicity website and got too excited, not realising it hasn't been released here yet. I tried both spotlight, lincraft and gardems a couple of weeks ago and none of them had it or had even heard of it, but I just received Spotlight's catalogue in the mail 2 days ago and they have a picture of it in there, so maybe try spotlight, surely they wouldn't advertise it without actually stocking it?!

  6. You wouldn't believe it, but Spotlight have done exactly that...very annoying. Last night I was looking on the US Simplicity website and you can buy the 1609 pattern in orders of $50 or more, or you can buy a PDF version. I think The PDF version will be worth all the sticky taping together for under $20. It tick a lot of boxes for me as a pattern!

  7. Hi! I just came across you`re blog and I think you make many beautyfull things! Love the brown dress whit dots!
    I have allso been looking at this pattern, and I think I just have to trye it out soon! I am now a follower of youre blog. Please, feel free to check mine out as well:) (Stitches & Pearsl)