Monday, August 6, 2012

Seven Dollar Top!

I had a genius idea the other day to buy a bunch of cheap plain tops and add a bit of "flair" to see what I could do.  I went to Big W and they have $4 tops for sale!! Bargain. So I bought 3 on Friday, and went to Lincraft to see what they had for their half price sale (overpriced, boring fabric as usual, I wish there was a Spotlight closer to the city).  So I bought some thin cheap white cotton to underline this completely see-through fabric I bought from Spotlight ages ago which I'm using to make a button up blouse (isn't it pretty!!)

I also bought some cheap red dotty and 2 metres of beautiful white daisy trim (I'm going to make a shawl collar for the black top I bought). I then headed downstairs to the quilting section and bought some crazy yellow fabric with blue chooks and red and blue flowers all over it to do something with the $4.00 navy top.  I had bought a mint green top from Big W and was having a hard time finding anything to match.  I had found the perfect brown cotton with mint spots, but the only had it for sale i tiny squares.  So I found a square of pink tartan quilting fabric and this is what I came up with.

I know these colours don't suit me AT ALL, but I got swept up in the current pastel craze.  Those colours look good enough to eat! I just added the contrast binding to the collars and neck, then made a bow out of the leftover fabric and sewed it on top.  Loves me a bow.  Look at that smug head of mine...


  1. What a great idea. It looks fabulous. I love the bow.

  2. Thanks lady, this is my very first blog comment, exciting!

  3. Cute top:) I think it looks nice. Particularly love the tartan pink!

  4. Hey Lauren, it's Kat. I love your li'l blog! I too bought a bunch of cheap big dubs shirts recently and Jacinta was telling me about your awesome idea and now I am totally stealing it. Mwoo ha ha! Nice work lady.

    1. Allo allo! At four bucks a pop you'd be crazy not to, so many things to try, I'm trying a shawl collar at the moment, and maybe a peter pan collar next! xx

  5. That is BEYOND CUTE!!!! I'm so gonna try this!